Welcome to HB Masskrugstemmen


The Sport

“Masskrugstemmen” is a Bavarian sport; the name translates loosely into the lifting of a liter mug of beer. The “Masskrug”, a 1-liter Stein, is to be held with one arm, completely stretched out and parallel to the floor – the goal is simple: to hold the Stein up as long as possible. It’s a balance between the right technique and strength. The full 1-liter “Mass” weighs about 5 lbs.!

The Contest National Competition

  • Local Events / On-Premise Accounts execute their own “Masskrugstemmen” Competition.
  • Through the “Masskrugstemmen” Competition the Account will crown their own “Account Champion”.
  • Account Competition must end on or before August 1, 2024.
  • That “Account Champion” will represent that account at the Hofbräu Masskrugstemmen National Competition in Central Park in New York City on September 21, 2024!
  • National Champion wins a trip to Munich, Germany.

For additional information on how to run your own Hofbräu Masskrugstemmen please contact Bob Newquist via bob@hp2promo.com.